Description of services/specialties:

Lomi-atsu massage – 60 to 70 minutes

A massage that combines the movements of the forearms with pressure points characteristic of shiatsu to soothe the body and includes massage of the abdominal area. This approach is a fine balance between a relaxing massage to soothe the body-mind and a therapeutic treatment.

The belly massage provided in the treatment is ideal for alleviating digestive and bodily discomfort and soothing stress and anxiety.

Abdominal massage - 45 minutes

The massage of the abdominal region first includes the neck and shoulders. It provides benefits for muscle relaxation and tension in the abdomen, stimulation of the digestive organs and reduction of emotional stress. An invitation to discover the heart of your belly…

Express session - 45 minutes

45 minutes allocated to a specific body region ex. back, neck, shoulders.